Come Celebrate our Founder's Day on    

Saturday, 9 Aug 14 @ 3:30 pm, Guest Speaker: Pastor Ishmael Wilson, "Another Level Ministries". 

Sunday, 10 Aug 14 @ 3:30 pm, Guest Speaker: Pastor Lamar Staples, Temple of Praise Int. 

Pastor Ishmael Wilson, Senior Pastor

Pastor Ishmael Wilson is the founder and Lead Pastor of Another Level Ministries in Maryland and Washington, DC.  Often called on to encourage and strengthen the church at large with his sound biblical teaching.  Pastor Wilson can start any message and at the end of that message you will feel like you can accomplish anything with the help of God.  He has been featured in numerous publications and is a well sought after speaker.

“Not going to Another Level in every area of your life is not an option,” Pastor Wilson often says.  He believes that God desires every believer to live an abundant life; free from sickness, financial strain and any other plagues that people face on a daily basis.  Pastor Wilson is focused on outreach and is currently working closely with city officials to bring change to the community where he Pastors.  He strongly believes that it is the churches job to change the community where it exist.  Thus the reason why Another Level Ministries has feed over 250 families, ministered to over 3000 people in less than 5 short years.

Pastor Ishmael Wilson has the honor to be married to his lovely wife, Pastor Rochelle Wilson, affectionately referred to as "Lady Ro." They have 5 wonderful children, Joseph Renaldo, Diamond Ashley, Josiah Ishmael and twins, Carrington Grace and Christian Gabriel.

Pastor Walter L. Staples

 Pastor Lamar StaplesPastor Walter L. Staples, most affectionately known as Pastor Lamar or Pastor Staples, is a living testimony of Philippians 1:6 which states, “Being confident of this very thing, that he which hath begun a good work in you will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ.” It is with this complete confidence in Christ that Pastor Staples continually strives to become all the Lord has predestined and called him to be.

A native of Beckley, West Virginia, Pastor Staples relocated to the Washington, DC metropolitan area in 1992 with his father, Bishop Glen A. Staples, and his mother, the late Martha Ann Day Staples. After graduating from high school, he attended Prince George’s Community College and Liberty University. Pastor Staples attends and has received Associate and Bachelor of Science degrees in Biblical Studies from Andersonville Theological Seminary and is currently studying for a Master of Science in Pastoral Counseling. Additionally, he is an LTI Certified Trainer through the Leadership Training Institute in Chesapeake, VA.

Pastor Staples received his ministerial license on December 8, 2002. Shortly thereafter, God had a different plan and he was ordained an Elder on November 4, 2005. Pastor Staples has undeniably submitted to the “quick work” God is performing and manifesting in his life. He is fully aware God has absolutely arrested every fiber of his being without any prior consent; thus, the reason Pastor Staples has dedicated himself full‐time to assist in carrying out the vision and ministry of his Pastor and father – the honorable Bishop Glen A. Staples, Presiding Prelate and Senior Pastor – at The Temple of Praise located in Washington, DC.

Pastor Staples currently serves as the Assistant Pastor and Church Administrator. He is an anointed ministerial leader, spiritual advisor, mentor, teacher, and counselor to many. Pastor Staples’ ability to connect with people of all ages and walks of life is only because of the God‐given anointing on his life. He has traveled the world preaching to thousands and is known as a compassionate, humble, and hardworking man whose ministerial gift and work for the Lord is not yet complete.

A prime example of one of many powerful moves of God in the life of The Temple of Praise was manifested at a revival in October 2007. During this time, Pastor Staples submitted to the voice and Spirit of God baptizing more than 1,000 people—in Jesus’ name—during an unplanned and unorchestrated eight‐day revival. It was an awesome and unforgettable move witnessed by many! The Lord’s supernatural power infiltrated and filled the internal and external atmosphere of The Temple of Praise causing many people—some walking and driving by the church—to be drawn to accept Jesus Christ as their personal Savior and baptized all in the same day and hour!

Pastor Staples is married to the beautiful Aisha (pronounced I‐sha) Staples and is the proud father of two wonderful children – Walter and Mossi (pronounced Mozzy). Moreover, Pastor Staples is a business savvy mastermind and entrepreneur; he and his wife are the owners and operators of “Staples Multi‐Services, LLC” in Washington, DC.

With all that he endeavors, Pastor Staples is most grateful to the Lord for his family and the time he has been blessed with to dedicate himself to being a godly leader and example—first and foremost—in his home. He is an astonishing man of compassion, leadership, and integrity. He’s a loving husband, dedicated father and son, and – above all – a Holy Ghost‐filled preacher and a saved man of God on a mission for our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!